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Protectiles Protective Flooring is a professional flooring in the form of small slabs of 1m x 2m - to be laid in sports facilities when sports halls are used for purposes other than sports.


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Product Features :

  • Easy to clean and long-lived in operation.
  • Polypropylene fibers protect the floor against point loads.
  • Protective linings simply protect the sports surface against intensive use, they are resistant to scratches, marks and dents of chairs, furniture or other elements such as the podium or stage and high-heel shoes.
  • An undoubted advantage of the product is easy, quick and uncomplicated assembly and disassembly, carrying and storing the protective lining (a small room is enough).
  • The small size of this protective lining in the form of 100 x 200 cm boards and the low weight of a single board (about 6 kg) allow it to be folded and unfolded even by school students.
  • The protective plates can be laid even by just one person.
  • Simple assembly without the need for gluing or using tape.

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on how to optimally adjust a design to meet space and utility requirements.

Category SURFACE

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