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Padbol is on a mission to make football accessible for everyone!


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  • Padbol is a dynamic fusion of popular sports.
  • Padbol combines football with skills from tennis, squash and volleyball to create explosive, action packed gameplay.
  • It is extremely dynamic, and can be played by men and women of any age group.
  • Padbol uses every part of the body except the players arms and hands, for faster point scoring.
  • Easy to learn, with simple rules, Padbol is a game that everyone can play!
  • Padbol is currently present in 27 countries and growing at a rapid speed and aiming to be part of the Olympic Games.

Features of Padbol :

  • Perfect for schools, families, sports teams, parks and leisure centres.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Disability friendly.
  • 10m x 6m court.
  • 4 players in doubles format.
  • Easy rules.

Padbol Game Video

Category PADBOL

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