Product Details:

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,35 x 0,62 x 1,60 m

Safety zone: 4,35 x 3,62 m

The number of anchors: 1

Compatibility with norm EN 16630 confirmed by the certificate


Current price on request.

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Product Description :

  • The Orbitrek is popular outdoor gym equipment for improving stamina.
  • It works with the whole body, involving both the arms and the legs.
  • This device focuses on developing muscles of the legs, hips, lower back and abdomen as well as improves the endurance of the body and coordination of movement.
  • To do exercise, place your feet on the steps, hold the handles using both arms.
  • Then simply start to simultaneously press on the steps as if you were pedaling and move hands alternately.
  • Keep your back in an upright position during the course of the exercise.

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