Product Details:

Dimensions: 2,87 x 1,89 x 2,66m

Safety area: 7,00 x 2,55m

Free fall height: 1,13 m

Certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176.


Current price on request.

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Product Description :

  • One-person gondola swing intended only for wheelchair users and to be installed only for monitored areas.
  • The swing is equipped with a five-elements Safety System :
  • The Lock System prevents the use of the swing by unauthorized persons.
  • The skid stabilizes the entry of wheelchair into the swing.
  • Upper shock absorber protects against excessive movement of the swing.
  • The hoop blocks the ramp opening while swinging.
  • Bumpers protect persons approaching the swing in the gondola's movement area.
  • The user can independently set the swing in motion or stop it by using ropes.
  • The swing can be equipped with a key lock preventing unauthorized use.
  • To close the entrance, pull the ramp with the side chains and block it with the handrail.
  • To open the closed gondola you need to lift the rim blocking the ramp.
  • The swing gondola has rubber bumpers located on both sides.

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